I have spent the last few hours working on a new website and new layout on a new server hosted at a new place. I kept my domain registrar, though, because Hover is awesome. #notasponsor.

It’s all the fault of Lunduke, who posted an article recently that turned me on to building a website with Hugo. (The offer-code for $20 towards a Linode server was motivating as well. For the next four months, website hosting is courtesy Bryan Lunduke.) For what I use my website for, I don’t need a fancy word-presser this or circle-space that. I just want to push html files up to the internet for the world to see. Static websites are exactly that. Type up a few words in my favorite editor, run Hugo, then copy my website over to the server. Just like that, I’m up and running.

The Customize Death-Loop

Depending on when you read this, your eyes might be bleeding too. One of the great things about having complete control over the files in your website means that you have complete control, right down to how many pixels a title should be from the edge of the screen. Clearly, this is also one of the worst thing.

Don’t let me miss-lead you, Hugo has a wonderful gallery of read-to-use themes that can get you up and running quickly. I, on the other hand, thought, “Hey, I’ve written some html before, how hard could a custom theme be?”

Honestly, it’s not terrible to get the basics working, though I found documentation to be a bit difficult to skim. If you take your time and follow the examples, setting up your own theme is not too bad. What is awful is now being responsible for actually figuring out what looks good.

Now I’m trapped in a customize death-loop of tweaking small things here and there trying to build something beautiful, or at least not ugly.

The Standard Promise

Ever since the grand old days of Geocities, people have been asking for forgiveness for their under-construction websites. Additionally, they have been promising that updates will be more frequent in the future, as well as apologizing for the lack of updates in the past.

I make no apologies, promises, nor requests for forgiveness regarding updates or site construction. You get what you get. I will, however, ask for kindness regarding any grammar, spelling, or other silly little mistakes I might make.

My Current Workflow

Currently, I’m using Spacemacs to write all the files for the website, Hugo to actually build the website, and a combination of cron and rsync to upload my website to a server. I’m still figuring things out, so I won’t give super specific detail, since it’ll likely change a lot in the near future.