One of the biggest problems of my life is having the tools I need to be creative without any of the creativity. Whenever I get the urge to sit down and write something, almost every time I get stuck staring at a blank screen. Typically, I stay staring at that screen until I give up and do something else. Or I get lost in a crazy rabbit hole of fixing the crazy annoyances of Spacemacs.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Spacemacs much more than any person should enjoy a text-editor. However, some of the weird things that it does makes me wonder if I should just switch back to using vim. Mostly, these little thorns are just very minor things, like the behavior of the tab key or how some things default on, but I’d rather them default off. (The only solution I could ever figure out to that situation is to completely uninstall the feature in question and only reinstall it when you want it!)

Of course, the feature that always brings me back to Spacemacs is org-mode. It’s simply the best organizational system I have ever personally used. If vim had a good implementation of org-mode, I probably would switch back in heart beat. I say switch, but really, I now just use both. Vim is great, especially when I ssh into my new web server and need to quickly modify some files. Spacemacs is great for being almost a mini-OS inside my OS. Aside from the fact that I often open up ansi-term to type in actual OS commands, most of my creative and productivity centered work is done purely in Spacemacs.

One of the things I have been considering lately is swapping out Spacemacs for either DOOM Emacs or just trying to roll my own proper Emacs init.el. I feel like much of the craziness I put myself through is that I’m fighting not Emacs in general, but Spacemacs in particular. The configuration system is a complete mystery to someone coming from vim. In vim, you just have your vimrc and maybe a .vim directory. Everything you might want to customize is in there, though the default behavior is quite good on its own.

Setting everything up from scratch is probably going to be quite a bit a work, but it might be worth it.