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90s website design with 20s technology.

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2020-03-15 | Writing Environment | 2m

One of the biggest problems of my life is having the tools I need to be creative without any of the creativity. Whenever I get the urge to sit down and write something, almost every time I get stuck staring at a blank screen. Typically, I stay staring at that screen until I give up and do something else. Or I get lost in a crazy rabbit hole of fixing the crazy annoyances of Spacemacs.

2020-03-10 | My Eyes Are Bleeding | 3m

I have spent the last few hours working on a new website and new layout on a new server hosted at a new place. I kept my domain registrar, though, because Hover is awesome. #notasponsor. It’s all the fault of Lunduke, who posted an article recently that turned me on to building a website with Hugo. (The offer-code for $20 towards a Linode server was motivating as well. For the next four months, website hosting is courtesy Bryan Lunduke.

2020-03-05 | New Design | 1m

A Whole New Website After watching a Lunduke video, I have decided to move my website to Linode. At a quarter of my previous hosting cost, this is a huge boon to my budget while still keeping a fun toy around. Additionally, instead of just getting some pre-loaded software stack, Linode just full-on gives me Linux server to run. I’ll be re-uploading previous content in the coming weeks.